Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Gonzales Pop Music Masterclasses

Most videos that Gonzales is involved with make it to my blog, and these ones are no exception. In this series commissioned by German Radio station 1LIVE, Gonzales sits at the piano to analyze and play current pop hits

I'm going to embed the one for Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' (which I must admit has given me a new found appreciation for the song), but there are various others, even ones with very minimal musical content, like Makkonen/Drake's 'Tuesday'. He doesn't only talk about songs he loves, the appraisal is very honest and he only really discusses the purely musical elements. There's no bashing here, it would be a lie to say his tongue isn't firmly in cheek though (check the slippers)

I urge you to sit and watch a few of these, they're fantastic. No real musical knowledge is necessary to follow them, which is the mark of a great educator. Put your hands together for the man. HEAR HEAR