Monday, 19 May 2014

Sangue Bom

I don't usually post about non-musical related things... but this documentary about Rio aired last night on BBC1 and it was AWESOME. 

Put together in a vivid, quickfire, technicolour way (by director Julian Temple and editor Caroline Richards), stylistically it goes some way to evoking the madness that is contemporary Brazil. It homes in on Rio, which will be in the international eye over the next few years for obvious reasons, but it comments on many themes central to all of Brazil; national pride, social injustice, violence, sex/physicality, carnival. Not football though, as there's going to be plenty of that in the next month (and weirdly not religion, which the Brazilians LOVE).

The soundtrack is on point for the whole film, kicking off with Fernanda Abreu's Carioca anthem 'Rio 40 Graus' and taking in over 100 years of Brazilian music, from the earliest samba-canção to bossa nova, tropicalia, soul, mpb, punk and indie, hip-hop, ending up with funk carioca (and the administration's efforts to banish it to the favelas).

It's highly, highly recommended basically.

For those in the UK you can watch it, I guess for a limited time, here: