Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Fender Rhodes Executone Prototype (eBay)

Never heard of or seen this before. I'm fortunate enough to own a Rhodes Home Piano which is a very rare walnut-case model produced in tiny quantities, but this one is ridickerlerse. A '72 Fender Rhodes (the golden era), housed in a part wood case, with a Fender Twin amp built in... The player gets access to all the controls with his hands; Reverb, Tremelo Rate/Depth. The pedals at the bottom activate reverb and tremelo... oh my god imagine the sweet swells you could do.

The ultimate Rhodes recording solution all built-in-one. Although to make it absolutely perfect it would need a Phaser-Shifter built in obvs. Thought i'd grab a few photos for posterity after the auction closes. I doubt someone will pay £4k for it though