Friday, 28 February 2014

El Trio: Todo En Su Medida Y Armoniosamente (1974)

This last year i've spent a stupid proportion of my income on Argentinian music, including some splurging at the Utrecht Record Fair in November. A lot of Rock music (Almendra, Arco Iris, Vox Dei, Litto Nebbia, Luis Alberto Spinetta) but also the somewhat smaller pool of classic Buenos Aires Jazz; Jorge Lopez Ruiz, Rodolfo Alchourron, Alfredo Remus, Horacio "Chivo Borraro". Names that often cropped up on these records were Ricardo Lew (Electric Guitar), Adelberto Cevasco (Electric Bass) and Pocho Lapouble (Drums). Digging deeper I found there was a record that all three made together, as 'El Trio'.

I have been hunting it down for a long long time (for a non-bankrupting price) and finally persuaded my main dealer in Argentina to let me have his copy. I have noticed there's nowhere to download it on the internets so i'm sharing the rip that I made myself to listen to on my travels.

As you can see by the tracklisting the types of rhythm on here are mixed, there are funky tracks, bop styles and argentinian rhythms like milonga and cuplé.

Someone should reissue this, it's wickeeeed

1. La Petichita Hace Lo Que Puede - Fox- (C. Lapouble) 6:12
2. Albarraseis- Cuplé- (C. Lapouble) 3:14
3. ¿Quien Se Llevo A Mi Negra?- Shake- (R. Lew) 3:15
4. Todo En Su Medida Y Armoniosamente- Twist- (A. Cevasco) 5:00
5. Contextos Oblicuos- Rock- (C.Lapouble) 4:37
6. Milonga 'N Roll- Milonga- (R. Lew) 3:52
7. Se Acaba El Recreo- Beat- (R. Lew) 4:46
8. Hacame Shaft- Shake- (A. Cevasco) 1:20

Released on Music Hall. 1974

Download HERE (.mp4 320kbps, 108MB)