Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Batteaux (1973)

Happy new year to anyone who reads this blog... to celebrate i'm sharing with you an album I acquired recently in great condition, the S/T LP by brother duo Batteaux (Robin and David Batteau, no 'x') from 1973. This is a FANTASTIC record and i'm baffled as to why it's neither available to buy on iTunes or on Spotify. Could it be out of copyright? Someone needs to reissue this asap.

It's really hard to track down online. A couple of songs are on YouTube, and I did eventually find a crappy rip of it on a Russian mp3 site, which is not the one- It's not even available to download on my usually trusty music-lover type blogs, so... 

I just ripped it myself, and here it is for your delectation... As per usual with my turntable (Technics 1210) the sound becomes slightly more distorted the further towards the end of a side you get, but it's setup as best as possible and with a brand new Shure White Label cartridge too. Bonus info for the audiophile nerdZ; it then goes into a Radial J33 preamp and hitting my Mytek 8 x 192 AD. IT'LL DO INNIT

Anyway, the MUSIC. It's quite hard to categorise really. But basically, very jazzy americana. There's electric piano and plenty of fiddle. But wait, the fiddle is ok. Lots of typical West-Coast dudes on here; Tom Scott, John Guerin and more. It all adds up to my current favourite genre; PROTO-YACHT-ROCK. They're swimming naked with dolphins on the front cover, I mean, these guys rule.


1. Tell Her She's Lovely
2. Living's Worth Loving
3. Wake Me In The Morning
4. Mirror
5. Joe Arnold
6. Dig Up The Love
7. Katy
8. Lady Of The Lake
9. Treat Me Right, Treat Me Wrong
10. High Tide
11. Wishing My Father
12. Maybe I'll Run Away

All songs by Robin and David Batteau

Produced by Stuart Love and Henry Lewy

DOWNLOAD (AAC, 320kbps)

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Things to do with a run-out groove

My mate Neil stumbled upon this amazing clip god knows how... musician and all-round creative bod Nick Zammuto has the idea of affixing a circular stencil onto a vinyl record (that the stylus rests on in the run-out groove), and carving notches on said stencil at precise locations (dividing up the circumference of the circle into 1/4, 1/8th, 1/16th, 1/24th intervals)... rhythmic awesomeness ensues. Probably very bad for your needle but hey, those rhythms are worth it

Monday, 3 November 2014

Sausage Fest

The short animated film 'Sausage' by Robert Grieves is finally available to view online from today. I did the sountrack to it. YAY. Also, Robert has cleverly timed the release of the film with 'British Sausage Week', he doesn't mess about this guy.

Painstakingly developed over several years, the film was created and animated digitally but takes it's visual inspiration from the vintage cartoons of the 1950s and '60s. I was recommended to Robert as somebody to help him find a soundtrack to match, as my production aesthetic veers towards the lo-fi and scratchy. We worked hard over several days early last year, drank my expertly made coffee and ate lots of turkish takeaways, and the results can be seen below:

I mainly took my cues from the kind of library music/exotica that was revived by the geniuses behind Ren & Stimpy. There are other musical touchpoints though; Brigitte Bardot and French Ye Ye Ye, Quarteto Em Cy, Raymond Scott and Pierre Henry. Using a combination of real instruments, programming and a smidgeon of vinyl crackle, a sonic world was imagined that I think matches up perfectly with Robert's quirky visuals (IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF).

'Sausage' has been doing the global festival circuit for almost a year now, and has picked up 8 top prizes now I think, including Foyle in Ireland which automatically puts it up for the Oscars longlist. Fingers crossed that it will make the final five, and you'll probably see me killing it Hans Zimmer style on the next Michael Bay film.

You can find out more about Robert and the film here:

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


This was a classic video back in the day, used to watch it repeatedly. Didn't realise 'til recently that it was a pre-fame B.O.B... what a ledge

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Roland VP-550 wtf

Haha this demo is awesome... fuck Ladysmith Black Mambazo, just bosh out this preset and you have some instant South African vibeZ...

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Play the piano with Chilly Gonzales

I'm a huge fan of this man. Never had much time for any of his music, but I love his comedy, way back to the days of Puppetmastaz and of course my favourite the Super Producer series (google is your friend here).

He's written a book of piano études, aimed at the beginning piano player, and has made a series of sweet videos to promote it, always a few lolZ in there of course. Man i'd dig DEEP into my pockets to have him as my piano teacher. Check the first vid here:

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Happy World Cup

It is with great pride that I await the start of this World Cup (i'm also sad that I can't be there though). Football's biggest tournament in it's spiritual home. It's going to be memorable, possibly for all the wrong reasons, but that's Brazil for you. Total joy and total chaos.

It's important to get your World Cup soundtrack in order so here's a free download of one of the best Brazilian songs about football, 'Aqui é o País do Futebol'... originally recorded by Milton Nascimento (who wrote the song with Fernando Brant) on an über rare 7" for the Mexico '70 World Cup... it was given a more uptempo and brassy re-working by the king of "suinge" Wilson Simonal. By the sound of it the backing band is Som Tres, and the arrangements are Cesar Camargo Mariano, but I don't know for sure.

I'll be listening to it on loop for the next month, enjoy!

DOWNLOAD (mp3, 4.1MB. Right-Click and 'Save As...')

Monday, 19 May 2014

Sangue Bom

I don't usually post about non-musical related things... but this documentary about Rio aired last night on BBC1 and it was AWESOME. 

Put together in a vivid, quickfire, technicolour way (by director Julian Temple and editor Caroline Richards), stylistically it goes some way to evoking the madness that is contemporary Brazil. It homes in on Rio, which will be in the international eye over the next few years for obvious reasons, but it comments on many themes central to all of Brazil; national pride, social injustice, violence, sex/physicality, carnival. Not football though, as there's going to be plenty of that in the next month (and weirdly not religion, which the Brazilians LOVE).

The soundtrack is on point for the whole film, kicking off with Fernanda Abreu's Carioca anthem 'Rio 40 Graus' and taking in over 100 years of Brazilian music, from the earliest samba-canção to bossa nova, tropicalia, soul, mpb, punk and indie, hip-hop, ending up with funk carioca (and the administration's efforts to banish it to the favelas).

It's highly, highly recommended basically.

For those in the UK you can watch it, I guess for a limited time, here:

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Rap Game Walter White

Once again I must thank my pal Tim for showing me one of his favourite new producers, Nik Nikateen aka Yung Heisenberg aka the rap game Walter White. Amazing. He literally looks exactly like Brian Cranston too.

He's the producer of choice for those amusing technicolour hipster rappers like Kreayshawn, Lil' Debbie and Riff Raff. AND HE MAKES THE MOST AMAZING BEATMAKING VIDEOS like this one

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Fender Rhodes Executone Prototype (eBay)

Never heard of or seen this before. I'm fortunate enough to own a Rhodes Home Piano which is a very rare walnut-case model produced in tiny quantities, but this one is ridickerlerse. A '72 Fender Rhodes (the golden era), housed in a part wood case, with a Fender Twin amp built in... The player gets access to all the controls with his hands; Reverb, Tremelo Rate/Depth. The pedals at the bottom activate reverb and tremelo... oh my god imagine the sweet swells you could do.

The ultimate Rhodes recording solution all built-in-one. Although to make it absolutely perfect it would need a Phaser-Shifter built in obvs. Thought i'd grab a few photos for posterity after the auction closes. I doubt someone will pay £4k for it though

Friday, 28 February 2014

El Trio: Todo En Su Medida Y Armoniosamente (1974)

This last year i've spent a stupid proportion of my income on Argentinian music, including some splurging at the Utrecht Record Fair in November. A lot of Rock music (Almendra, Arco Iris, Vox Dei, Litto Nebbia, Luis Alberto Spinetta) but also the somewhat smaller pool of classic Buenos Aires Jazz; Jorge Lopez Ruiz, Rodolfo Alchourron, Alfredo Remus, Horacio "Chivo Borraro". Names that often cropped up on these records were Ricardo Lew (Electric Guitar), Adelberto Cevasco (Electric Bass) and Pocho Lapouble (Drums). Digging deeper I found there was a record that all three made together, as 'El Trio'.

I have been hunting it down for a long long time (for a non-bankrupting price) and finally persuaded my main dealer in Argentina to let me have his copy. I have noticed there's nowhere to download it on the internets so i'm sharing the rip that I made myself to listen to on my travels.

As you can see by the tracklisting the types of rhythm on here are mixed, there are funky tracks, bop styles and argentinian rhythms like milonga and cuplé.

Someone should reissue this, it's wickeeeed

1. La Petichita Hace Lo Que Puede - Fox- (C. Lapouble) 6:12
2. Albarraseis- Cuplé- (C. Lapouble) 3:14
3. ¿Quien Se Llevo A Mi Negra?- Shake- (R. Lew) 3:15
4. Todo En Su Medida Y Armoniosamente- Twist- (A. Cevasco) 5:00
5. Contextos Oblicuos- Rock- (C.Lapouble) 4:37
6. Milonga 'N Roll- Milonga- (R. Lew) 3:52
7. Se Acaba El Recreo- Beat- (R. Lew) 4:46
8. Hacame Shaft- Shake- (A. Cevasco) 1:20

Released on Music Hall. 1974

Download HERE (.mp4 320kbps, 108MB)