Saturday, 16 November 2013

My Mum in a Classic Piece of Brazilian Experimental Cinema

Weirdest blog post title ever. My mum had been on at me to put this on YouTube as she doesn't understand uploading and all that jazz. Wanted to send it round to some of her friends in Brazil (she's brazilian, me and sister were born there)... So, when she was a teenager she had a cameo in a bonkers Brazilian New Wave film called 'Meteorango Kid, Héroi Intergaláctico', directed and written by Andre Luiz Oliveira.

To be honest, the film is pretty unwatchable, but it's so cool that my mum was in it. It's especially awesome to me that the film had songs written for it by the earliest incarnation of Novos Baianos... Moraes Moreira, Galvão and Paulinho Boca De Cantor... the song plays in the opening credits, and of course it's beautiful

The poster for the film is wicked, I would absolutely KILL to have it so if any fans of the film stumble upon this and have one/know where to get one, hit me uppppp

P.S My mum is the 1st one to speak

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