Saturday, 30 November 2013

Ersen's Top 5 Greatest Riffs

As any self-respecting Turkish Rock/Anadolu Pop Fan knows, When it comes to Riffs, there is only one man in the game; Ersen. He literally is as good as Led Zeppelin when it comes to RIFFING. Thankfully his greatest are all on Spotify, largely thanks to the comp that Finders Keepers put out, collating his classic singles recorded with bands like Mogöllar, Kardaslar and Üc Hur El (forgive my umlauting). Here are my top five:

5. Dostlar Beni Hatirlasin: A bass riff to start things on. Nice and chill

4. Derman Bulunmaz: Mmm a nice lite disco vibe

3. Ternek: A staple of the band Mogollar... also on their album Anadolu Pop (or Les Mogol) in an instrumental version. Extra points for being in 7/8

2. Guzele Bak Guzele: Heavvvvy. That intro is such a good sample. Fuck it I might do it myself (0% publishing-tastic). If you use the sample then credit and pay me please, just like Drake.

1. Sor Kendine: This one takes the cake. WHAT A RIFF

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