Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Yacht Rock; "Smooth Music"

Basically, here's the spoof soap opera loosely based on the history of the smooth rock music that came to be known as Yacht Rock. I was hooked from the minute I heard the theme tune, the ultimate Yacht Rock anthem, 'Sweet Freedom' by Michael McDonald (which actually goes there and uses synthesizer steel drums on the intro).

It's chronological and kind of accurate in that it refers to the relationships between the main players in the scene; so unless you know your Loggins & Messina, Michael McDonald (and his affiliates Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, Christopher Cross), Hall & Oates, Toto et al, you don't really need to see this as the jokes will be largely incomprehensible. There's even an appearance by Hall & Oates manager Gino (aka Tommy Mottola, one-time husband of Mariah Carey), immortalised in the classic 'Gino (The Manager).

I've watched quite a few of them, but picked out the best two;

Firstly the episode where Michael Jackson has a Yacht Rock epiphany by recording, essentially, a Toto song, 'Human Nature' on Thriller

Then the episode where Gino tries to poach both Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald for management. The bit where McDonald rebuffs him is actually genius

Should you wish to watch all the episodes, then go to HERE

(Apologies if i'm late on this, was introduced to it recently by a friend)

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