Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Angelo Badalamenti Plays the Rhodes

Been working on a song today and I think the production could be really cool if it sounded similar to the Twin Peaks theme aka Falling by Julee Cruise (and Angelo Badalamenti). Surf Guitars with warm synth strings.

Was looking online to see if I could find what kind of gear was used to make the sounds in it, and came across this rather nice video of Badalamenti talking about how he and David Lynch came up with the music for the series. Thought i'd share...

Monday, 18 February 2013

2013 Ministers of the New New Super Heavy Funk

It's not even lunchtime and i've already been on iTunes to download two new exciting FUNKY albums; "No World" by L.A brothers Inc. and a new self-titled album by Jamie Lidell. You wait for a contemporary funk album, and then two of them come along at once.

Yuck, all this mention of the word 'funk' is making me feel/sound like Craig Charles, and his musically-good, banter-terrible show on 6music.

On first listen, the Lidell album is incredibly 80s. Basically, Zapp... Jam & Lewis, some vocoder jams on there, drawing instant Chromeo comparisons. The Inc. sound is more slow-burning... a mellow-modern take on 90s R&B. Mmm, zeitgeisty. Sadly, their awesome '3' EP doesn't make it onto this record in any shape or form. Go check them out live, they're infinitely better than on this record. 

(The post title is a James Brown reference, for the funk noobs)