Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Novi Singers; If you don't know, GET TO KNOW

Most sampleurs/collecteurs of records have a working knowledge of Eastern European jazz/rock/funk. I would put myself in that category- I have a few pieces, some of the 'Polish Jazz' series, some hungarian stuff, Zalatnay Sarolta, Skorpio etc, but for some reason had never come across the Novi Singers.

I've been selling a lot of gear on eBay recently, just purging stuff that's not getting used, or stuff I can't afford to hold onto (tragic), so my Paypal account is bulging. I thought i'd treat myself to a Koncz Zsuzsa album on eBay that has a nice break on it, and found that the seller had loads of other stuff as well. I thought 'fuck it' and ended up taking 7 other albums, classic breaks that i've never found before in shops; Syrius, Omega 5, Piramis etc. They were also selling some Novi Singers stuff, and I hadn't heard of them. 

Their 'big song' is Five, Four, Three from the album of the same name. It's been sampled loads. It kind of reminded me of 'Rien Ne Va Plus' by Funk Factory aka Michal Urbaniak (It's full of vocal hooks and scats, some from his wife Urzsula Dudziak), but it's way cooler. They're like a funky Dave Lambert!

Turns out their albums are hard to come by, there are a couple on Spotify but none to be found on any blogs even... There was a now-deleted compilation that Jazzanova made of their prime cuts, but impossible to find now. This is the coolest YouTube to post, as there's a video of sorts for the tune: