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Monday, 19 December 2011

Moraes Moreira- S/T (1975)

Went down to Berwick St recently with a few of my favourite LPs to have them cleaned on a professional vinyl cleaner (Cautious/Reckless/Whatever it's called used to offer this service, now Sister Ray do it)... one of them was Moraes Moreira's 1st solo LP from 1975.

This album has kind of been overlooked, and it's a great shame. Marisa Monte did make one of the songs famous (Chuva No Brejo) by covering it in the 90s though. Listening to it makes you realise just how important Moreira was to Novos Baianos, and it stands up against any of their albums, obviously because of the exemplary songwriting from Moreira and Galvão. It doesn't hurt that the backing band is A Cor Do Som (minus Pepeu Gomes, adding Armandinho), who are a huge part of the unique, proggy Novos Baianos sound).

Some of Moreira's finest songs are one this album, floating all over the place stylistically. There's very traditional carnival music (Guitarra Baiana), Samba (Do Som), Bossa (Violão Vaganbundo), North-Eastern Styles (PS, co-written with Luiz Gonzaga), and of course a healthy dose of tropical rock. Chuva No Brejo is an obvious highlight, a beautiful sung hook with Moraes singing in close harmony with himself, escalating into a Yes-worthy wigout at the end.

Alas, a CD reissue of this has never materialised, apart from some limited edition Japanese obscurity. So here it is, ripped from my vinyl, which isn't in the best shape but sounds a lot better after the clean and i've done a slight mastering job on it so it shouldn't sound too shabby in your iTunes:

01 Desabafo e Desafio
02 Guitarra Baiana
03 Sempre Cantando
04 Chinelo Do Meu Avo
05 Chuva No Brejo
06 Nesse Mar Nessa Ilha
07 Do Som
08 PS
09 Loucura Pouca é Bobagem
10 Anda Nêga
11 Se Você Pensa
12 Violão Vagabundo


Moraes Moreira- Vocal/Guitar/Pandeiro
Armandinho- Bandolim/Guitars
Dadi- Bass
Gustavo- Drums
Arnaldo- Bass on 'Chinelo Do Meu Avo'
Mu- Piano

Arrangements- Moraes Moreira/Armandinho

Download it HERE (127MB, AAC 320kbps)