Saturday, 20 August 2011

Why I Love Digging for Records

Found this short documentary (via Zooden on about a group of friends in Swindon who obsessively dig for vinyl.

If you're into waking up at 7am on a Saturday to hit up the local carboot then you'll relate. Collecting records is basically, an illness. An affliction, a mental defect. These guys all realise that. So do I, but that doesn't stop me doing it.

There are some really funny moments on here. All of the interviewees are pretty funny. 'DJ Baila' is the most affable, but 'That Guy From Swindon' comes up with some killer lines:

 "If it came down to it... I would sell crack to your kids, to buy... (points to his vinyl collection)

(on the joys of eDigging) "you've got to embrace every fucking thing you can to fucking LOOT vinyl. Completely"

Despite all the goofing around it's all held together by a genuine love for the kind of random weird/wonderful bits of music you'll find when you root though the crates. Plus, you will learn that the sleeve for John Schroeder's 'Working In A Soul Mine' makes for an excellent hat.