Sunday, 24 April 2011

Hyldon- Deus, A Natureza e a Música

I'm on a Brazilian soul binge at the moment... It all started when I copped a Cassiano LP recently (Imagem e Som), and remembered how much I loved the Hyldon LP I have from years back; 'Deus, A Natureza e a Música' 

It was Hyldon's 2nd album, completed to his record label's total indifference, and distributed in small numbers. It's a gorgeous piece of folk-soul, terrycallier-esque if you will, and incredibly ambitious in it's scope. There's the tenderest of ballads and upbeat proto-disco numbers on here, with Hyldon crooning like Caetano and yelping like Gilberto Gil in equal measure. 

Like his first album, the LP features the talents of the band Azimuth (Zé Roberto Bertrami, Alexandre Malheiros & Mamão), as well as the session musicians that would later become form the Black Rio scene (Oberdan Magalhães, Jamil Joanes, Carlos Dafé etc)

Turns out that you can't get that album on CD in it's original state (there's a Hyldon authorised remixed version which sounds awful apprently, he even replayed drum parts and all sorts)... so I ripped it from my vinyl. My copy isn't in the best state, but yeah, it's only really noticeable on the track 'Adoração' which is a quiet one

01 Deus, A Natureza e a Música
02 Estrada Errada
03 Primeira Pessoa Do Singular
04 Homem Pássaro
05 Morte Doce
06 Pra Todo Mundo Ficar Sabendo
07 Adoração
08 Cor De Maçã
09 Búzios
10 Sheila Guarany
11 O Boiadeiro
12 Pra Dizer Adeus

Selected Personnel:

Arrangements (Band): Hyldon, Alexandre
Arrangements (Orchestra): Cristovão (conducted by Waltel Branco)
Vocals, Guitar: Hyldon
Vocals on 'Adoração': Solange
Keyboards: Jorginho, Zé Roberto, Cristovão
Bass: Alexandre, Rubão
Drums: Mamão, Luis Carlos
Tenor Saxophone: Oberdan
Trumpet: Marcio
Trombone: Maciel
Backing Vocals: Dafé, Jamil

DOWNLOAD HERE (320kbps mp3)

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