Saturday, 5 March 2011

Zoiks there's a Linn LM-1 on eBay

Oh my gawd yes as the title of the post may suggest, a Linn LM-1 is on eBay UK:

The Linn LM-1 is one of the rarest drum machines everrrr. It was produced in incredibly small quantities, and initially only sold to a handful of superstar musicians (they were ludicrously expensive).

It was the first (I think?) drum machine to use real drum samples as the building-blocks of its soundbank (other drum machines such as the Roland TR-808 used analogue synthesis).  Drummers rumoured to have been 'sampled' for the LM-1's sounds included Jeff Porcaro and James Gadson (from the LM-1 wiki)

It's all over albums like 'Dare' by The Human League and 'I, Assassin' by Gary Numan, but of course, there's one artist who has the LM-1 featuring on pretty-much his entire discography... Prince

A huge part of what made (early 80s) Prince so awesome were his otherworldly drum sounds. Prince used the LM-1 exclusively, using extreme manipulation of the LM-1's onboard sound-shaping capabilites (pitch-shifting, envelope-shaping etc) to create sounds and grooves that were literally out of this world. The sounds are tricky to recreate, believe me i've tried and I own a bunch of LM-1 sample libraries. 

Goes to show, some machines have truly got soul...

Here's a list of classic Linn bangers. Some of them can even be sampled (shhh)

1. Prince- 'D.M.S.R'
2. League Unlimited Orchestra- 'Things That Dreams Are Made Of'
3. Gary Numan- 'Night Talk'
4. Prince- 'Raspberry Beret' (or Kiss, When Doves Cry etc etc)
5. Vanity 6- 'Nasty Girl'
6. Devo- 'Going Under'
7. Ultravox- 'We Came To Dance'
8. Alexander O'Neal- 'What's Missing' (Linn 9000 probably)
9. Daryl Hall & John Oates- 'Maneater'
10. Michael Jackson- 'Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

ANYWAY... I digress. Wonder how much this thing is going to go for... already at £1600 with tiiimmme to go blud...

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  1. You should buy one with your next royalty cheque!