Thursday, 13 January 2011

Jayne Cortez- Ogun's Friend (Download)

I was in my favourite record shop Flashback the other day, and this came on the sound system:

Jayne Cortez- Ogun's Friend (1980):

When I turned to see who had put it on, he was standing in a high-fidelity-esque pose, arms crossed, as in 'let's see how many copies of the 3 EP's by The Beta Band we'll sell now'. I bit the bullet and asked what it was, how much, I want it now etc. IT WASN'T EVEN FOR SALE. Man that's cruel...

But when I visited the shop next, turns out they had a copy for sale, a duplicate bought in by the same guy who sold the old one to them. Hurrah! So here is that crazy tune for your downloading pleasure. It reminded me of these guys in a way:

Pulsallama were a crazy-ass all female no-wave band from NYC. They couldn't really sing or play at all, and their only hit (if you could call it that) was a song about someone who's husband has tourette's syndrome.

Anyway, the song above is called 'Ogun's Friend' by Jayne Cortez who was a poet seemingly working in the jazz scene. I just love the fact it's her talking and a really ropey drummer. The beginning is almost a bit like 'Funky Town' by Lipps Inc... Guess you could file it next to The Lounge Lizards, Kip Hanrahan or some of dat shit. Man I would loved to have lived in NY in the late 70s, music was popping off in a big way (I have no idea if Jayne Cortez was from NY but hey)...

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