Monday, 6 December 2010

François De Roubaix (Free Downloads)

After stumbling upon THIS quite frankly bewildering post on Paul Durango's blog (no me neither), I have become somewhat addicted to the music of French film-composer François De Roubaix.

I first became aware of him after hearing this track on the Dusty Fingers series of compilations:

'Les Dunes D'Ostende' (download in the soundcloud player)

Jeez how good is THAT!?? It's a crazy-rare song released only on 45, which was promoting the release of the 1971 film 'Les Levres Rouge' (or 'Daughters Of Darkness' according to IMDB). I've not seen the film but it sounds like some sort of crazy lesbian vampire type thing.

Wanting to find some more of his music I put  "François de Roubaix blogspot" into google (your surefire way of finding an album/artist available for ILLEGAL DOWNLOAD) and I came across Paul Durango's post, which contains basically everything the man did (he died tragically young at 36 but scored a hell of a lot of films).

In a nutshell his music is really beautiful and strangely modern in a weird retro lounge way. He often worked-in synthesizers and elements of music concrète (i.e sound effects, tape loops) into his classical compositions, alongside traditional french/folk instrumentation. As you hear on 'Les Dunes D'Ostende', he also sometimes would chuck in a fat hip-hop breakbeat too. What's not to like eh?

His work is truly worth investigating... I recommend initially checking out volumes 2 & 3 of the 'Les Plus Belles Musiques de...' series:

So here, courtesy of the amazing Paul Durango and his super blog:

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