Thursday, 18 November 2010

To any Hackney dwellers unaware of Eldica Vinyl

Met up with a friend for lunch today at E8 trendies-favourite coffee shop Tina We Salute You. ISAYGODDAMN their doorstop sandwiches are nice. When I tried to get out of my chair, I was quite literally fenced-in by prams (x2) and babies (x3) and everything had to be awkwardly moved for me to leave HAHA.

Knowing full well the location of said coffee shop, I decided to take a few unloved 7" vinyls with me, to see if Andy at Eldica* would exchange them for some minty-fresh new 'platters' (Eldica is round the corner from Tina). Luckily he did, and needless to say I left there with an ecstatic grin on my face and a bag full o' records.

The selection at Eldica is almost 100% qualiTAY, and Andy seriously knows his stuff, so all Hackney dwellers must pop in at some point if they haven't done so already. Importantly, there's no need to be a vinyl geek either, as they sell all manner of vintage objects, some clothes, bric-a-brac. It's like the coolest charity shop ever, the likes of which exists only in your wildest nerdy fantasies.

Eldica Vinyl & Retro; 8 Bradbury Street, London N16 8JN


*I consider myself very fortunate to have dug for records in various cool places round the world; New York, Paris, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Cape Town among them, but Eldica, alongside Flashback on Essex Road, is one of my absolute TOP places to buy records. Well, the only other place that compares would be Academy Records in NYC (both shops, Williamsburg and the East Village *cough ANAL cough*). Anyway, these two places are both 15 minutes walk from my house- WIN.

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