Thursday, 18 November 2010

Musicians please watch: Tim Exile's 'The Mouth'

Native Instruments produces some of the best music production software around. I LOVE YOU GUYS. Part of their suite of music production software Komplete is a mind-bogglingly advanced modular synthesizer/effects processor called Reaktor. It's almost impossibly geeky, and I most-definitely need to read the manual one day so I can actually figure out what i'm doing with it.

They've been working with Warp recording artist Tim Exile developing a suite of plug-ins for Reaktor, which you can just load up and forget about all that boring programming. Anyway, I waffle. Non-musicians would find this information distressing and sexually unappealing. Watch this video, a promo for his latest effort, The Mouth. It looks seriously fun.

Small Print: For some reason they won't let you embed the video from youtube, and was trying to embed from the native instruments website. It didn't work, so i've taken it down

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