Sunday, 28 November 2010

Mariah Carey- 80's Funk Legend

There was a golden moment in time where Mariah Carey was putting out consecutive 80's Funk bangers. I'm only really basing that statement on 'Heartbreaker' and the fact that my friend Justin (a complete authority on 80's Funk) maintains that her soundtrack to megaflop vanity-project 'Glitter' is a lost 80's Funk masterpiece. In fact I seem to remember him playing me some and it was pretty damn good.

(Note to self: Acquire the soundtrack to megaflop Mariah Carey vanity-project 'Glitter')

I'm sure some of you may scoff at the mere mention of Mariah Carey, but I challenge you not to be MASSIVELY entertained by her music video (at the time the most expensive music video ever made?) to 'Heartbreaker', featuring the fat kid from 'Stand By Me' and a mental fight sequence where Mariah fights her evil twin.

After you've bopped your head to that, then spare a thought for Stacy Lattisaw, whose 'Attack Of The Name Game' was looped-up and sampled to make the song itself. From the album pictured below, 'Sneakin' Out', produced by legendary jazz-fusion drummer and disco-crooner (?) Narada Michael Walden, It is currently unavailable on CD and therefore offered for free download in the usual manner. I can't figure out how this crazy 'Name Game' works, no matter how many time the weird robot in the song explains it, but nevermind...

Stacy Lattisaw- 'Attack Of The Name Game' (1982) on SPOTIFY


EDIT: I just listened to the Glitter soundtrack. It's appalling (apart from a track that samples Alexander O' Neal's first album, which is AWESOME). Please disregard this entire post immediately . Thank you.

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