Friday, 5 November 2010

E.M.A.K Compilation = Soul Jazz Records are the best

You know those times when you hear a song somewhere and you HAVE to know what it is almost immediately? As in, after two seconds you are instinctively and unconditionally in love with it? That happened to me recently in Fopp, in Covent Garden, with this:

I heard this noodly-bass electro nonsense with a guy doing the deadpan German vocal thing a la Kraftwerk. I loved it and, after Shazam failed me, I ran to the counter, anticipating just finding out what it was and grabbing it online later. But when the guy told me that it was on a Soul Jazz* compilation of E.M.A.K (a collective of German electronic musicians/synthesizer geeks), I had to dip my hands into my pockets and hand over some dinero, 'cause that record label needs support from everybody, it's the fookin' best.

Here's the song, called 'Wenn Mr Reagan Es Will':

So If you like the tune, then support Soul Jazz and buy the CD direct from them HERE.


*Soul Jazz records is one of the greatest record labels around. Their compilation CDs are bascially ALWAYS amazing, whether it's a round-up of material by master Brazilian percussionist Papete or a selection of New York No-Wave classics.

Their Sounds Of The Universe shop just off Berwick Street (where the market ends) is the very very very finest CD shop in London (although their used vinyl selection isn't what it used to be when the shop was located round the corner in a Broadwick Street side-alley), especially for any music of the, ahem, African-Diaspora. God I hate the term 'world' music, I try never to use it.

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