Tuesday, 12 October 2010

What Is 12-Bit Crunch?

It's the cereal that DJ Premier has for breakfast HA

OK not really. "12-Bit Crunch" is a term, used by hip-hop production enthusiasts, to describe the artifacts bestowed on a sound recording when it goes through a 12-bit digital sampler, i.e the famous EMU SP-1200:

or the AKAI MPC-60:

To modern ears, a 12-bit recording would sound grainy and/or crunchy, i.e a bit like a bad mp3

CD's of course have a 16-bit resolution, which despite only being '4 better', equates to being approximately 'a shitload better' (I will spare you the science of bit-resolution, it's totally boring).

So there you have it... 12-bit crunch seemed like a good name for a blog which will focus on music, musicians and instruments that are 'beautiful despite their imperfections'. Awwww

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