Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Welcome To 12-Bit Crunch

Hello, and welcome to my blog. 

I am Dan, a fan of recorded music in all it's guises, and enthusiast of weird and wonderful musical instruments and ways of making sound. even farting. I hoard LPs which contain passages of solo drum playing, commonly known in hip-hop-speak as "drum breaks"

Over the coming months and, ooh, maybe even years , i'll be: 

-posting up links to music-related things I like on the internet
-posting the odd mp3 of a song that I like (to download if it's not commercially available, and to stream if it is)
-talking about weird instruments like THIS
-promoting/reviewing music/gigs that I have enjoyed or hated
-talking about my job: being a music producer & brazilian music dj
-and last but not least: definitely banging on about said "drum breaks" that I have recently acquired

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