Thursday, 21 October 2010

Jorge Lopez Ruíz- J.M "Pepe"- El Condor

I went to Buenos Aires back in 2004. It were proper good like. Was only there for a few days but manages to have plenty of spare time digging for records. In one particularly sordid encounter a record-dealer actually came round to my hotel room with a few rare platters. One of them was an LP from a stalwart of the 70s Argentinian jazz scene, bassist Jorge Lopez Ruíz. I bought it on the strength of the cover alone (muy bueno).

I was happy that the music lived up to the cover. Think double-bass, fender rhodes, CLEAN electric guitar and muted drum-kit played with mallets. Mellow! I pretty much haven't stopped listening to this album since. It's basically fantastic electric-jazz with folkloric flourishes. Oo-err try saying that after a few pints.


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