Sunday, 31 October 2010

Bass Harmonicas ROCK

An often overlooked instrument it is, the bass harmonica. I guess the best known examples of it's usage are on Pet Sounds (by The Beach Boys, in case you are musically-challenged), particularly on songs like ''I Know There's An Answer' (Spotify link HERE). They're a strange beast, a kind-of double harmonica which needs to be held with both hands. Sound-wise, it's a mixture of an accordion, jews-harp and MASSIVE FART

I am reminded of the bass harmonica's virtues by a visit to the Squeezytunes blog, a celebration of all instruments electro-mechanical, which I used to visit ALL the time... it's seldom updated now. Hint hint to Squeezyboy (the blog's author). Here is a video posted there showing the FULL POWER of the harmonica:

Why isn't entertainment like this anymore? Instead we get X Factor...

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  1. Well that was fantastic that was totally outranged dude